Radioactivity is the emission of particles onto the surface creating a massive energy reaction. This radiation is dangerous to human and can cause damage to the world. There are three types of nuclear radiation. There is the alpha particle which is first on the discovery. The alpha particle is known to have two protons and neutrons. Alpha rays are not relatively high since they cannot penetrate through a wall. The Beta particle is the second after the alpha particle. The beta particle is relatively high than the alpha particle. Only an aluminum plate can stop the beta particle from penetrating. Gamma ray is the third from the alpha and beta rays. This ray has a relatively higher frequency since it can penetrate just anything. Lead metal is used to block the gamma ray from passing through. People create nuclear energy through things like fire detectors, coal-burning power plants, nuclear weapons. Naturally, earth produces waves known as cosmic outside the atmosphere. The earth shields from the cosmetic rays.

Nuclear radiation is the emission of atomic nuclei like gamma, alpha and beta rays produced when the particles decay. There is a difference between radiation zone on earth and radioactivity though they seem related.

Nuclear is the waste that contains radioactive materials which are a by-product. Many ask if the waste has any benefits. Nuclear waste is dangerous for human. If anyone was to be near the waste when exposing one can suffocate and within second death occurs. Nuclear waste storing is underwater where the water acts as a shield. Believes are that nuclear can be absorbed in the sun. The absorption process is rare since there are no enough rockets to sail it above. Nuclear produce is about 39.5grams. Recycling of waste is very wisely sine waste has many products.

Nuclear accidents have occurred and have affected many people. Chernobyl is the first accident in Japan. Chernobyl was caused by an explosion which blows up tons of steel tops and claimed lives of many. The explosion leads to health defects and cancer. The accident claimed many lives. The plant made in secrecy received no explanation. The Three Mile Island took place in the US. The accident was by a valve which could not close. The story leaked to the media they were in denial. Later on news that radiation was high was brought up. Evacuation of pregnant women was in Pennsylvania took place. No injuries or death occurred and the awareness of high emergency levels. Infants and child mortality increased, this was painful to many.

Wind scale is one of the locations of radioactive places. At Wind scale, they design nuclear weapons. The weapons are dangerous. The workers at Wind scale noticed a rise in temperature and the graphite had reacted for almost two days realizing chemicals. The workers did their best in fire turn off. The massive nuclear cloud had already spread throughout the country. Three Mile Island is the widest nuclear incident that ever occurred in history. The occurrence was because of a valve which could not open up allowing water contaminated to pass through. The story did leak for the Wind scale but was in denial. Later on, the radiations level was high. The nuclear-caused evacuation of women and children.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear was a result of radioactive isotopes following the 2011 Tohoku 9.0 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami. The Japanese authority made a 30-km exclusion zone around the power plant so that people may not be affected. Iodine and Cesium were the large quantity of radioactive particles found in the area. The world health realized a report that many people will be affected with cancer and numerous diseases like leukemia and thyroid for infants.167 of the people at Fukushima received doses to reduce the risk of getting cancer.