Tutorial on Server Push Animation

  Since Netscape and Rob McCool first posted their server-push animation code doit.c as part of their dynamic updating tutorial, the WWW has seen a furor of this sort of activity. It seems everyone with some knowledge of C wants to utilize this technology to add more punch to their web sites.

  The problem is the doit.c code is rather limited and even contains a bug that could prove harmful to the system running the script. In its original state, the program could only display gif-type images, it was restricted to one loop through the images, and it didn't take into account browsers that could not display such animation. For instance a web site using the original program to display dynamic animation would produce a broken graphic for any other browser then Netscape, this is just not acceptable to a community where standards are inherently sought out. Although the program was a great first step in teaching the masses about the new technology Netscape offered, much could be improved on!

  This tutorial is designed to introduce two new versions of the original program, created by GlobalMedia Design Inc..

Although these programs have been heavily tested and been put to much use the possibility of bugs or incompatibilities always exist. If you find a bug or just have a comment or question feel free to email me at cowana@magicnet.net. We hope you find these programs useful and educational in the new dynamic documenting technologies which Netscape has developed.

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