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Faux Docs as Natural Virals

Well, another film is being heralded as the next "Blair Witch" of viral web marketing. It's no surprise that it's another faux documentary (or "docu-fiction" as these filmmakers prefer to term it.) "September Tapes" is creating all the confusion that a good mixture of reality and fiction should (even though the film has been widely covered from its screenings this year at Sundance and Cannes.) Mike and I have been having some lively email discussions about the campaign, but I think the important issues relate more to the faux doc format (and why that drives filmmakers to build natural virals.)


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The Challenges of Multiple Blogs

Keeping up with multiple blogs has become a tremendous pain, especially now that I've got yet another one going on another niche of topics. I think I've worked out a new system to keep myself on track and publishing to each of them (ah, famous last words) and now I just need to jury rig a system so that it's clearer when I'm not particularly active posting here I might still be posting thoughts about independence and film or thoughts on the exchange of attention for revenue in another spot.

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