21% of Music Downloaders Have Downloaded A Film

As further evidence that the digital downloading culture is about to crash like a wave upon feature films, a press release for Ipsos-Insight’s Quarterly Digital Music Study Tempo reveals that between late-December and early-January 21% of their study group had downloaded a full-length feature film from the Internet (in fact, 9% of them had done so in the last 30 days.) It's time for filmmakers to starting getting the product out there ... otherwise that landscape is going to be dominated by rips of commercial DVDs (sorry Artisan ... sorry Focus Features ... sorry Newmarket.) Of course, if you listen to the MPAA when they quote AT&T Labs, "77% of popular movies being illegally traded online were leaked by Hollywood insiders." Studios aren't going to lead the way on this one anymore than they did on MP3s: it's up to the independents to find the business models that work.

posted to Emerging Systems on April 21, 2004