The Churn of The Blogsphere

Amused but uninspired by a Wired article about viral propogation through blogs and HP's Blog Epidemic Analyzer, Stephen VanDyke whipped up a little info-graphic about how news travels on the Internet. Leave it to MetaTalk to be where I find a little gem like this.

Stephen admits he "sorta put the cart before the horse in creating a chart without statistical proof, but apparently no one minded." Apparantly not, based upon how interesting some of the comments are on his page -- while it's not a statistical analysis and doesn't directly show flow of information, it is one of the best primer graphics I've seen for getting people to understand the power of community publishing to spread ideas (and is consistant with the Godwin-esque approach we use in viral narrative pieces.)

My one criticism would be that it is a wee blog-centric -- believe it or not, "buzz" moved (and moves) the same way through other types of web publications as through blogs (such as "pre-blogs" like Drudge Report that for "Nothing So Strange" led directly to television news interviews, or "homepages" that become fan centers, or even online niche publications like indieWIRE.)

posted to Memetics on March 11, 2004