RadZone 5.0 Welcome to the Radiation Zone

Bringing experimential manipulation
of media to the web since 1994.

You are entering the experimental space of the Radiation Group, a collaberative cyberspace co-op. The Radiation Group serves as an extended network of cyberspace designers and artists exploring mutual metaphors for mutant media.

Suited Nuclear Technician
Mutants in Residence

GMD Studios
The patrons, cheerleaders and financiers of the Zone, GMD (Orlando/New York/North Carolina) is a world-reknown cyperspace development firm specializing in software, new media, and entertainment industry production projects.
Radiation Website Tools
Strap on your lead-lined gloves and get ready to be exposed to Radiation's suite of website tools (from discussion groups to email assistants, hyperlink analyzers to dynamic indexing tools, advertising management to realtime chat systems).
Doug Block's D-Word
The "D-Word" is a euphemism for documentaries, coined by distributors, exhibitors and industry execs. Doug Block, director of Home Page and The Heck with Hollywood! explores documentaries and filmmaking.
Weed - A Film By Doug Wolens
The 8th annual Cannabis Cup & Hemp Expo, a haven for tokers of every stripe - Patagonia-clad slackers, chic urban business women, blunt toking homeboys, and of course a bunch of refried hippies.

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